I take my dog to a small dog park nearby so he can run and play and catch a ball. Often I forget  to bring the ball.

If I don’t have a ball I can throw a stick, but a ball is better.


The other day I went to my favourite dog park, there were no dogs or people in the park, and for me and my dog that is the best time.

O dear, I had forgotten my ball again.

Yet someone left a ball there. We had a good game with it, and at the end of the game, I slipped it away in the corner of the park, for the next dog owner.

I think we should all do that. Let’s leave a ball in the dog park.

And where can you buy a ball for your dog.


Well, there are so many choices.

If you want a really nice one there are lots of great choices





tail blazer pets


planet dog


north coast pets




Or if you want one you don’t mind leaving in the park, perhaps a dollar store tennis ball will do in a pinch.