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Citizen Canine Companion Society newsletter
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Newsletter for Citizen Canine Companion society
Fur Faces on Fences in Cultural crawl 2020
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Over 100 faces on fences. dogs and cats. painted for the love of the dog To raise money for BC and Alberta Guide dogs The painting is the work of Margaret Halsey artist.
Fur Faces on Fences in Cultural crawl
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Come and see the dog and cat faces painted on the fence any time. and come also during the Cultural crawl in October this year (2020) The lane at 333 east 6th and lane beside and behind 805 Cherry in new Westminster.
Book event Cherry lane Canines and Cats
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Come and meet Smyth and his friends, hear stories from the book at the book event at New West gallery beside Renaissance books
Fence walk and talk
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Come and meet me at the fence of dogs and cats, hear the stories meet some others from the fence. Dogs and cats painted on 2 fences in New Westminster have raised more thn 7K for the BC and Alberta Guide Dogs. Come and buy a book about the fence.
Book launch Cherry Lane Canines and Cats
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Book launch for Cherry Lane Canines and Cats April 17 from 5 to 730 at Old Crow Coffee Shop Front St New Westminster
5 k raised to name puppy Bertie
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2 fences of dog and cat faces have been created and painted by artist margaret Halsey of New Westminster. they have raised money for BC & Alberta Guide dogs and Autism Support Dogs. A puppy has been named after Margaret's dad.
Rosa and Pina puppies from Guatemala for adoption
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Rosa and Pina are puppies from Guatemala and have arrived in Vancouver to find their new permanent home. It is you? Contact me at clephadij@shaw.ca
Honey we love you run free and be happy
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memorial to the lovely greyhound Honey. died May 31 2018. she was 13
Cherry lane canines and cats is looking for your pet face
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Date Created 5/27/2018 mhalsey # of Ratings 1 # of Views 4269 # of Comments 0
There are 15 spaces left. help me reach my 5K goal and complete my fence. for the B C and Alberta Guide dogs and my dad
The importance of having a dog if you are alone
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this article talks about the health benefits of having a dog, in particular for those who are alone, a benefit to the mind and body, and possible to help prevent Alzheimer's disease
Citizen Canine Companion 1
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Citizen Canine Companion is a not for profit society focusing on the importance of dogs in our lives. Its second project is Cherry Lane Canines and Cats.
Fur faces on fence featured in the Cultural crawl August 12 and 13 in New Westminster
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Fur faces on fences featured in the Cultural Crawl August 12 and 13 2017 in New Westminster. Artist Margaret Halsey. money raised for B C and Alberta Guide Dogs and Dogs for Autism Support.
Cherry Lane is looking for your dog or cat to help raise money for guide dogs
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Cherry Lane Canines and Cats is a fence project of dog and cat faces. Money raised is donated to BC and Alberta Guide Dogs and Dogs for Autism Support. Artist and organizer Margaret Halsey. Help meet the target of 5000. with your dog or cat face for $100

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