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for pet owners, pet artisans, pet products and service providers 

The web site started out of a desire to help people with the challenges they face when owning dogs or cats



My pet ownership as an adult started with the cat.

I have owned many cats over the years.

In the mid 80’s I met a dog named Electra, a beautiful Weimaraner. 

While I had always loved dogs, it was not until I met her that I knew I would own one. I always thought I would admire them, but knew there were serious responsibilities in dog ownership, especially for one person alone.

I also felt that if I were to own a dog, I would need to own a home, and it was not in my plans at the time, as I loved condo living. Yet, 6 months later I got my first dog, not a condo dog, and another 6 months later, I bought a house.

My life had then officially gone to the dogs.

I added two more dogs and they all lived way into their teens with me.

My last cat also lived a very long and happy life with me.

I now have one dog,

In my busy life I often find myself in need of someone to help me by dropping in on him when I am out all day, or by looking after him overnight. I am lucky and have a really good friend as well as some wonderful neighbours that will help me gladly

Yet I realized that for many people getting this help is a challenge, so much so that they do not get a dog or a cat. 

Yes, there are many many pet walking and pet-sitting services available, but most require prior notice and one does not always know ahead when someone is going to be late from work, or have to go out of town on business. Who will help at the drop of a hat, at the last minute when you need them?

When I was fostering dogs I also realized that doing it alone was a challenge, as often taking in a foster dog is more of a commitment than ones own dog or cat at the time, as they can have special needs and may not be able to be left alone.



     I know that dogs and cats add to our lives in many ways.

 Perhaps more dogs and cats could find homes, if people could find the resources they need to help them.

I created this membership web site for people to find the help they need to overcome the challenges.

As the web site grows, and our membership builds, people can connect, find each other and help each other. 

The site will also become a place for information about dogs and cats, about services and products for dogs and cats, a place to shop for select product for dogs and cats.

I am an artist with a passion for drawing and painting dogs and cats.

My work will also be featured on this site


As well, the site will provide information and shopping opportunities of other pet art. For this reason I created pet artisans in the on line shop.

This is www.petartisan.com.

I have many stories and information about pets that may be useful  to other pet owners. The web site gives the opportunity for others to share their information too.

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