Benefits of Membership

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You will be the grass roots members, the ground floor members and help us build.

  • You love your pets and want to make sure that you look after all their needs and your own.
  • You want to feel secure that, in an emergency, they will be looked after; they will always have a safe home; that they will always have good food, good exercise, and lots of love. You also want to buy them toys and treats and things to pamper them

By joining the club, you as a member have the opportunity to:

  • ·    Connect with other members for dog outings, meet ups and with those willing to provide pet sitting and walking service in exchange.

    Owning a dog is a big responsibility. And one needs lots of time and energy. Who will help when you are late from work, when you have to go out of town on business at the last minute? Yes, there are lots of dog sitting services, but you have to book ahead.

    By joining Bowwowwowmeow you have an opportunity to connect with like people. When you sign up, you tell us what kind of dog of cat you have and if you are interested in exchange pet setting service, or helping another pet owner with sitting or walking.


·         Join dog watch and help keep all dogs safer

·         Share knowledge and information  and stories with other pet owners

·         Submit questions for answers

·         Post classified ads for pet related needs

·         Access  resources and information, and links to other sites offering services

·         Receive discounts and information on products and service     

·         Enter contests, win prizes

·         Participate in volume shopping service

·         Shop on line for recommended products and service from 

              Pet artisans- artist, writers, crafts, photographers

  •               Pet services and product providers

    We as pet owners want to be sure that their physiological needs are met. We give them food water, sleep and warmth
    .We want to give them
  •  Safety and security, a nice home to be safe in, and a regular routine
  • Exercise and socialization with other dogs and people
  • We want to gather knowledge and information about them.
  • And we want to give them love
  • We also want to buy luxuries and adornments, treats and things to pamper them
  •  and to please us.

We love our pets and want to have creations in our home that remind us of or represent our pets.

When they leave us we want to remember them.

As pet owners, we can supply the love

for everything else

come to and