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Fur faces on fences

Is a project of Citizen Canine Companion    ( www.citizencaninecompanion.com ) and www.bowwowwowmeow.com

 and www.petartisan.com

 It started with the fence I call Dogs of 6th and Devoy.

With a little help from the media, this fence is full. (All spaces are committed as of August 20 2016)

I have also realized that many people want to see their dogs face in a public space such as a fence, theirs or in the community. They also are very happy to have all or some of the money donated to dog related charity.

I now have another fence ready to accept dogs for its mural. I have room for 60 on the fence. this will be a project that starts this year then picks up again in the good weather.

The dog ( and cat- it has to be another story) are a very big part of our lives, and at Citizen Canine Companion we want to be involved in projects that promote the importance of that connection.

Not only are there wonderful dogs that are service dogs, but there are many dogs that serve their human, by being good company for them, by picking up their moods, by even detecting when they are not feeling well, without any specific training to do so. We have such a special bond.

Fur Faces on Fences is a way to promote the importance of the dog, for the love of the dog.

There are many types of Fur Faces on Fences:

  • Fur Faces on Fences for Funds
  • These are fund raising projects where all or a portion of the funds is donated to an animal related charity.
  • Fur Faces on Fences for Fun
  • Fur Faces on Fences for Friends and Family
  • Fur Faces on Fences Forever. 


  • Feline Fur Faces on Fences
  • These can be done just for the love of the dog, for a fee to the artist, or as community or corporate sponsored projects, or as fund raising projects for any cause.

If you have a fence, or you want your dog or cat on the next fence, contact me at clephadij@shaw.ca

Or call at 604 527 9976

read about Dogs of 6th and Devoy on this site under announcements and information



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Fur Faces on Fences
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Fur Faces on Fences is a project for the love of the dog, and for dog charities. have your dog or cat painted on fence.

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