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A reminder about black dogs in the sun


Today it will be over 30 where I am. This is an unusually hot spell for us. Our dogs are not used to this. Unless they are from Mexico or another warm climate perhaps!


I see so many people out in this heat with their dogs. I know we have to walk them, yet at noon in the hot sun, not the time.

I am getting up quite early so I can take my boy for a good walk, then again in the evening. I have a garden and he can get out any time he wants when I am home.

My dog is black. It is hot enough for any dog, but a black dog feels the heat more. You don’t believe me!!. Wear a black coat out in the sun then you will see. In the desert they wear white for a reason.


A friend of mine wants to make me a sun protective coat for my dog.

I will let you know when I have it.



I know her coat t-shirt jacket is going to be amazing. My dog will look handsome and cool in it, and no one will laugh at him.


Even when I have the t shirt/coat, it is still too hot to go out in the noon day sun or at any time when it is 30 degrees.

As you know the saying- only mad dogs and Englishmen.



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