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Citizen Canine Companion (CCC)

CCC promotes the importance of dogs in our lives.

The human/canine bond. It focuses on the importance of dogs for our well being.

“Citizen Canine Companion- For the love of the dog”

Through its efforts it aims also to prevent cruelty to animals, and help find homes for dogs in shelters.

It was founded and is home based in New Westminster BC. It was started in April 2016. It became a registered British Columbia Society in December 2016

Its first project was the mural of dog art called Dogs of 6th and Devoy, in New Westminster BC.  80% of the net proceeds from this fence were donated to BC and Alberta Guide Dogs and dogs for Autism.

Its second project is underway and is called Cherry Lane Canines and Cats

These are both projects called Fur Faces on Fences for Funds.

For a  minimum $100 dollar (or as much as you want to) donation/fee, your dog or cat can be painted on the fence.

if you live in the New Westminster area surrounding the fence it is even better as you will be able to see your dog or cat as you walk by.

To read more about it -check on the announcement on this site, and also check under information. ( or contact

Having your dogs face on the fence will bring a smile to those that pass by, and will help promote the importance dogs play in society.

Many people may not be aware of the huge benefit dogs add to our lives. Many live alone and their dogs are their constant and only companion.

CCC focus is to increase the acceptance of dogs in society.

There are many ways that CCC will be involved in its mission. Some include

Community art of the dog, Public speaking, Advocacy for related issues, promoting appropriate training (CGC CGN and others), promoting responsible dog ownership

And by

Providing information as the not for profit arm of


By joining Bowwowwowmeow you are also helping CCC

Click here to join now  bowwowwowmeowmembership

 CCC is a sub section of Bowwowwowwowmeow,  It is a registered society.

Recent Activities

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Citizen Canine Companion
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Citizen Canine Companion - for the love of the dog- promotes the importance of the humane canine connection
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