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Westminster kennel club winner


With so many magnificent dogs, it is a difficult job for a judge.

The best one of each breed was selected. Then best one in each group, and then the best in show was chosen from them.

This event is one of the world’s largest dog shows. The famous Crufts, in the UK is also one of the world’s largest.

Westminster dog show just completed February 17 2016

Westminster kennel club

 and Crufts will not be far away. It is held this year March 10th to 13th.


The best in show trophy this year at Westminster was awarded to a German Short hair Pointer named C.J.

What a handsome dog C.J. is.

The reserve best in show was awarded to a wonderful Borzoi of the hound group. Being a hound lover this was my personal favourite.

And the best in show was a competition of the best of the 7 groups, all wonderful looking dogs.

The German Shepherd of the Herding group, a crowd pleaser for sure, the Samoyed of the Working group, the Skye Terrier, of the Terrier group the Shih Tzu of the Toy group and the Bulldog of the Non Sporting, and all were wonderful dogs. I don’t know how he decided. I think he said something about the look in their face.

At Crufts the dogs are groups slightly differently. You have the Toy breeds, Terriers and Hounds, working breeds, as you do in Westminster, and then you have the Utility breeds, and Gun dogs, pastoral breeds,

The gun dogs are basically the sporting dogs, and the pastoral are basically the herding.

The winner then of Westminster this year, the German short hair pointer, is the Sporting breed, or if at Crufts it would be the Gun dog.

Congratulations to the winner, and to all the competitors. they are all wonderful.


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Westminster dog show winner
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