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Exchange Listings for Pet Sitting, providing pet sitting and giving you free time without worrying about your pets.

If you need to have your pet looked after, or have the ability to look after others pets, this is the place to do that!

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Find people in your area who would like to exchange occasional pet sitting service such as drop-ins or walks when you are late coming home, or have to go out of town on short notice.


You can also submit a posting here if you are looking for someone for a pet sitter or wish to offer your pet sitting service in exchange.  


One of the reasons I started this site was to help people find pet sitters when they need them.

In my busy life I often find myself in need of someone to help me by dropping in on him when I am out all day, or by looking after him overnight. I am lucky and have a really good friend as well as some wonderful neighbours that will help me gladly

Yet I realized that for many people getting this help is a challenge, so much so that they do not get a dog or a cat. 

Yes, there are many many pet walking and pet-sitting services available, (see listings here and join and add to the listings)  yet most require prior notice and one does not always know ahead when someone is going to be late from work, or have to go out of town on business. Who will help at the drop of a hat, at the last minute when you need them?”

 also, it can be costly if you need a sitter often, so why not find someone who wants to exchange their help for yours.

Join free today and build our network

 and find a reliable local pet sitter to exchange with. or if you just want to walk or sit at dog for dog therapy or company, you can post your availability here under pet sitting exchange or pet waling once you join