The grand dog


For those of you that don’t yet have grandchildren you may have heard the word grand dog.

O I know, it sounds silly, yet is it?


Your son or daughter has just adopted a dog. Ok maybe you really wanted a child, yet is does not always happen, well at least not on cue.


Me for example, I might have been a great disappointment to my mum and dad, as I did not have children at all. It just did not happen, while I do love kids.

And yes, like many who realize they  are not yet ready for children, or will not have children due to timing or physically impossibility or other reason, I adopted a dog.( more about cats later) "Grand cat".

It was not long after I realized I would not have family that I adopted my first dog.


My mum did not even like dogs then, she was afraid of them in fact (another story), yet in the first year of my pups life she had overcome her fear and had fallen for my lovely puppy- And for every one of them since while she was here.

I heard her call my dog her “grand dog” once. She may not admit it, if she were here to say.

Since then I have heard many refer to a dog as a “grand dog”. In some cases a “great grand dog”.

Is it silly, or are we just sharing our love for our four footed friend?.

A dog can bring so much love to a family or someone who is alone.

My life officially went to the dogs when I adopted my first one, and my mum and dad were fully supportive and they loved my dogs.

Yes. They were all their “grand dogs”


For some, having a dog is good experience for when the baby does arrive.

And there is yet another story!!.


Back to that "grand dog".

Has it melted your heart?


Do you want to buy a gift for that dog?


Well, here is what I found when I searched for buying a gift for a new dog.

 welcome pup


I like the ones for boy and for girl.

 some others are:


Even better, if you want a gift for the parents of the dog, and for you, why not send me a picture or two and I can work on a drawing.

See some of my work at this site at petartisan section and also at krachelart


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