The daily scoop


When I think of the daily scoop, I think of news

Or, if not news then

Ice cream.

Yet, having just looked after 2 cats, I now am more familiar with the pet version of the daily scoop.

The two cats I looked after have been toilet trained. Yes, toilet trained!!!. The owner provided a little box for them though as thought that would be a bit hard for them in a new place, and for me.


What kind of litter do I get, I asked?

The kind that clumps she said.


I got Arm and Hammer Super Scoop. And it really is. You have to do the daily scooping, and if you do, the cats are happy and the room and the litter box stay fresh.


I think these cats really do prefer the toilet way. And they are fascinated with water.


They drink theirs from a fountain, though she did try to drink it from the tap.

They were so much fun to have.



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The Daily Scoop
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