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Charlie on the fence
Date Created 4/27/2016 mhalsey # of Ratings 0 # of Views 3365 # of Comments 0
Charlie, the lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is painted on the fence. this is in his memory
Bye Bye Dizzy
Date Created 6/6/2015 mhalsey # of Ratings 0 # of Views 1915 # of Comments 0
saying goodbye to Dizzy, at 20
The lovely Gabby
Date Created 1/12/2015 mhalsey # of Ratings 0 # of Views 2617 # of Comments 0
memorial tribute for Gabby
Dogs looking out of pick up truck
Date Created 3/19/2014 mhalsey # of Ratings 0 # of Views 3192 # of Comments 0
dogs riding in the back of pick up truck, not safe.
I Did Not Get To Say Goodbye
Date Created 2/1/2014 mhalsey # of Ratings 0 # of Views 2947 # of Comments 0
about the dog next door