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Dog cities 1


In doing some research on where I can take my dog on a trip I am about to go on, I was pleasantly surprised to find how dog friendly Oregon is, as that is where I am heading.


We will be going first to Portland. We are staying in one of the many dog friendly hotels.

Where we are staying, they do require you to leave your dog in a kennel, if you are leaving it in the room when you go out. That is great, as many hotels do not allow dogs to be left in the room unattended at all.


Portland itself has so many parks and rivers, and your dog can go with you almost anywhere you go.

Not that I will be stopping at each and every one of them but I have just learned there are over 20 dog bakeries in Portland.


There is even a list of dog friendly restaurants there on this site. Not sure you can sit down for a meal with your dog inside, perhaps sit on a porch.

I think we will try Mothers Bistro, 21st Ave Bar and Grill, and for certain, we will go to Papa Haydn as I have heard  the desserts  are so sinful. None of my dessert for the dog though. He will have his own healthy bowl of something.


I came across so much information on some very good sites

 Here are two I like



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