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Dogs in Oregon

I recently went on a trip to Oregon with my dog, and a friend and her dog. We had researched it as we wanted to take our dogs and it seems Oregon is a very dog friendly place. ( see my article dogcities-1)

 I think maybe I will call it "Dogeron".

Our trip to "Dogeron".


The first part of our trip took us to the city of Portland. Well, there are many interesting web sites that describe how friendly. Here are just a few.

there are over 40 restaurant listed as dog friendly.

We thought we would visit at least a few.

Well, at first when we got to our hotel, we checked in and set up the dog kennel for the dogs. I mentioned in my last article that when traveling with a dog to a dog friendly hotel, many will require that you have a dog kennel. Ok, so more on that in another story.

Our first lunch was in a non dog place, but for dinner,  we went to one of the 40 listed dog friendly restaurants.

We went to the Tin Shed garden Cafe. This is located in the North East section of Portland, and really only a short 10 minute drive from where we were, close to the center of town. It is on a street that has quite a few other restaurants and shops. By the time we got there it was after 8, so we did not visit shops. (Usually a good thing if traveling on a  budget)

The Tin Shed was delightful. There is an open air area, and more closed in area, and in both you can bring your dog. Anyone that goes there knows the rules re the dogs, and if you don’t like dogs you likely will not choose this place. We were seated in the semi closed in area. There were at least 5 other dogs in the restaurant when we were there. All well behaved and sitting at the masters or mistress feet at the table.

Dogs can even eat there. They have several dog meals on a dog menu. Seriously!!. We both chose a meal for our dogs.

Not only did they seem to enjoy their food, but our meals were also excellent. The service was very good, and all in all this was a very lovely place to dine with your dog.

I have only ever dined where there were dogs, up to now, in Europe, as in Germany or France for example, dogs are generally welcome in many restaurants and will sit nicely under the table, or at the owner feet- Unless of course the owner is already under the table. (This is reminiscent of the black lab that I fell for when traveling in Germany with my family (another story for another day)

click on the link if If you would like to check out the Tin Shed Garden, it is at 1438 NE Alberta St.


The next day, as it was Saturday,  we went to the Portland market.

It was a very hot day, so I was concerned about my dog. I walked in the shade, stopped for water in many places that provided it, and even in a water park.  There were many other dogs with their owners walking around the market. From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane (a massive dog) there were many variations. If I could stop and meet every dog, I would still be there doing  just that, however I do try to restrain myself. 

After a suitable time at the market we searched out a place for lunch. We were looking for a place in the shade, a patio where we could take dogs.  We walked into the center of town, easy to do from the market along the river. By chance we came across a patio where we could sit with our dogs. My traveling companion had done the research the night before to find the Tin Shed, and it happened that this was also a choice she had selected for us for that night. And now, by chance we were here for lunch.

We sat outside on the patio, and while it was very nice, there was some construction going on and it was loud. Well, this restaurant allows its dog accompanied guests to sit inside, in the lobby, and be served lunch there. We chose that option and it was wonderful. The waiter moved our food as we had already ordered and we were relocated to the lobby just beside the inside part of the restaurant.  It was a very comfortable area and we chose two large couches to sit on and a table for our food. The dogs were brought water bowls as well. ( we used glasses)

This was the Daily Grill restaurant  at 750 SW Alder St.

It is located in The Westin Hotel.

This was a wonderful oasis on this sunny hot Saturday afternoon.


After a long late lunch we had another experience with dogs that was new to us. We rode the transit back to close to our hotel. We had met up with another friend and he had ridden the transit from north of where we were, so we went with him, and got off closer to our location, an easy walk from there. Dogs are allowed on transit here. Big ones little ones, working dogs or not- All that is asked it that they are well behaved and attached to a leash and their person.( or is it the person that has to be on the leash)

Later on that day we went out to Mississippi Street ( still in Portland) , a great street for shops, peoples and also for our dogs. We did lots of people and dog watching. And were watched in return I hope.

We found a Thai restaurant we wanted to try, and sat on the porch with our dogs. Again, or dogs were most welcome.

We left the Portland area the next day. On the drive we stopped for gas just off the freeway in little place called HALSEY. Even the gas station was dog friendly as it had an enclosed dog area of grass where dogs could take their “walks”.


To read about the rest of our trip, come back in a day or so.


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