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Dogs looking out of pick up truck
By Margaret Halsey

I saw these two patiently waiting for their owners to come back.



Spring is here and the time has come for riding around with the top down. For a dog, this might look like riding in the back of a pickup truck. Wind in their fur, bugs in their eyes. Do you really think a dog likes that?  I am sure not the bugs in the eyes.

I have seen many people allow their dogs to ride in the back of a pickup truck, and often the dog is not even secured to the truck. This is so very very dangerous. Not only that, it is against the law in some places.

When I see people do this I want to stop and tell them how dangerous it is for their dog. A sudden jolt and the dogs could go catapulting out of the back. No that won’t happen t my dog, they say, he knows how to hold on. Or others would tell me he is tied to the truck.

Well, these two lovely dogs, waiting so patiently, were greeted by their owners who then took them for a walk. I will never know if they rode in the back that way. I choose to think the owners brought them into the cab with them for the ride.


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