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Can I take my dog, or cat, on the bus, or the sky train?

Here is what I can tell you about that.

In Metro Vancouver

From the translink site-

Pets on Transit

“Travelling with a furry friend? Welcome aboard! Pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits and small fur-bearing or feathered animals are allowed on transit as long as they are in small, hand-held cages. The approved cage or container must fit on your lap and must be fully enclosed with no part of the animal exposed. It may also be placed on the floor, but must not impede free passage of customers and must not block any doors. Please ensure cages are clean, free of odour and have no sharp edges.

If you're travelling with your pet, it's best to make your trips during off-peak hours. The transit operator, at his or her discretion, may not allow you to board with your pet if there is a concern for the safety or comfort of your fellow passengers. If only standing room is available, the transit operator will refuse passage to you and your pet. Please respect their decision.

Only one hand-held approved cage or container is allowed per customer and dog strollers are not permitted on transit. Pets are also not permitted on HandyDART with the exception of Assistance Animals.”


And from BC Transit covering the Central Fraser valley

“Pets on Transit

graphic of dogTo help ensure the success of this program, please follow these guidelines:

  • Only small fur-bearing and feathered pets contained in secure, clean, leak-proof, handheld cages are permitted on the buses.
  • The cage should be appropriate to the pet's size.
  • Cages must be small enough to fit on the owner’s lap.
  • One handheld cage per passenger.
  • Passengers must hold onto their cages at all times and are responsible for the safety of their pets. If there is room on the bus, you can place the cage beside you on the floor. The cage should not block the aisle or restrict other passengers.
  • Your transit driver may refuse a trip if your pet poses a health or safety risk, or if it misbehaves.
  • When the bus is busy, there may not be room for your pet. Call transit and ask which trips tend to be busy.

Certified assistance animals will continue to use public transit as always. The dog handlers will carry proper certification for the dog and the dog will display an appropriate harness or vest for easy identification.

For more information about Pets on Transit, please call 604-854-3232.”



And from Victoria region


“Pets on Board

Only small fur-bearing or feathered pets contained in secure, clean, hand-held cages are permitted on the bus. Cages (hard or soft shell pet carriers) must be small enough to fit on the owner’s lap.

Passengers must hold onto their pet’s cage at all times. If there is room, the passenger may place and hold the cage beside them on the floor. The cage should not block the aisle or restrict other passengers.

Assistance animals that are certified are allowed on public transit at all times. You may be asked to produce your Guide Animal Certificate.”



This is really good for all those who have small dogs. and great for the cat owners, (unless you have a very large cat)


I understand it, yet, what about the larger dog!!!.


While we don’t want a bus or train full of dogs, it would be nice if we could bring our pet along with us.

So many people do not have vehicle and way to get to anywhere other than where they live.

Taking your larger dog to the vet for example, not so easy if you don’t have a car, or can’t go on transit!


Does a dog get tired of the same old walk, around your own neighbourhood? Is it even too far to walk to one of the designated off leash parks?


I have a car, yet I really prefer to take transit downtown, and would love to go with my dog.


When I travel to “the island” I can take my dog on the ferry in the vehicle section, and a separate area for dogs and their owner, but unless I have someone to drive me to the ferry and pick me up at the other end, I am stuck, as my dog is not allowed in the buses on either side of the water. Nor is he allowed on the coach that runs on the ferry.  (He is bigger than a carry on bag)

What about the walkathons!! This year’s British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) walkathon is in many locations in Vancouver and Victoria, some are easy to get to by transit. Yet, you can’t take your dog on transit. So you have to go with someone who has a car, if you don’t have one.

Ok, imagine the chaos if everyone going to the walkathons was on transit at the same time, but of course it would have to be organized.- A set time, a special car, a special bus, the last car perhaps on the sky train.


Is there even a special day a year every year? We can ride transit for free on New Year’s Eve. Ok, that is to avoid us drinking and driving, and our dogs don’t drink, but what about a special day for canine companions.


In Toronto the rule is much looser, better in my opinion, as I have a dog that will not fit in a carrier I can put on my lap. (Well not without a great deal of effort – though I am not averse to trying it)



In Toronto you can take your dog on a leash, or in an enclosed carrier, in non peak hours.

Here is what it says:

“Can I bring my dog, my pets, on the TTC?


Leashed pets or pets secured in an enclosed container are welcome to travel on the TTC during weekday off-peak periods - that is before 6:30 am; 10:00 am to 3:30 pm; after 7:00 pm. A Service Animal may accompany a passenger at any time. See the TTC By-law, Section 3, for full details.


3. Conduct on Transit System

3.1 No person shall:

a) travel on the transit system with an animal during peak hours; or

b) travel on the transit system during non-peak hours with an animal unless the animal is:

i) on a leash and in the control of the person provided that the animal does not inconvenience or jeopardize the safety of other passengers or TTC employees; or

ii) in an enclosed container that remains secured at all times while on the transit system provided that the animal does not inconvenience or jeopardize the safety of other passengers or TTC employees.”



And in Calgary


“Your dog can now ride for free. Just make sure you have a leash on your furry friend. Other animals can also ride for free but they need to be in a carrier/cage.”




Yes, I know, some people are allergic to dogs, and some afraid of them.

Well, the small dogs are already allowed on, if in a carrier, so as far as allergies go, that does not make someone who is allergic to them any more comfortable. If they see the dog on the train, and are seriously allergic they can ask the person to leave, (and the dog), or they could take the next train if they were not in a hurry.

If someone is afraid of dogs, could not the same apply?

If they were only allowed at set times and on the last car of the train, or on designated buses, or as designated times on certain buses, someone who is allergic or afraid could avoid those cars.


It would however just be easier to have the rule the same as it is in Toronto- that being- All dogs, well controlled by their owner, and on a leash, (the dog that is) can ride the buses and or trains at all non peak times (i.e. not in rush hour.)

So if you are taking your dog to work, (and I think dogs should have their day at work, if not every day) then on that day you will have to be late. I used to take my dog to work with me every day. He kept people calm. He sat on a chair in my office, and no one left my office without greeting him and having a positive comment to say.  (And this is another story)


Back to the topic- About dogs on transport, and in this case in particular, on transit, (buses, sky trains) in the metro Vancouver and Victoria and in British Columbia other areas-  what do you think?

Why not join us today. Tell us what you think.  The more members we have the more voice we have.

 just fill in our easy form, and an email confirmation will be sent to you. it is free.

go to the home page, and look to the right, and click on join

or click here

 I will be following this up with meetings with both organizations that set the rules for pets on board. (and no I am not the first one to do so)

I will keep you up to date.

You can also sign this petition started some time ago by someone else, that is still active.


This is just buses and trains in metro Vancouver and Victoria and BC.

I also think dogs should be allowed on coaches (buses that are nicer that your city bus), railway trains, and of course on airplanes ( not just in the baggage area I mean on the plane, and not just small dogs that will fit under your seat- that are currently allowed, and or guide dogs) and ships.

Yes they are all much bigger issues. And more stories, for another day!!.


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