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Follow up re dogs on transit-Translink and BC Transit


If you have read some of my stories you will know that I presented to BC Transit and to Translink about allowing dogs on transit.

Yes, dogs are allowed now, yet only small dogs in containers, and of course service dogs. My proposal was for them to allow all dogs, under control of owner with the following rules.

Wearing a muzzle ( the dog)

On a leash ( and yes, the dog again)

Up to date vaccines for rabies

City licensed

Clean- not covered in mud from park

Well behaved- having passed a basics obedience test

Wearing jacket and tag- to indicate they have passed the obedience test and can ride, and to keep back the dander.

limit the number on each bus or train

riding in non peak times only


Both Translink and BC Transit listened with interest and both will be gathering their own information and hopefully have a decision soon.

They said it was well presented and that I had thought of many important things.

They of course have to be sure they are serving the needs of all users, as they should. Transit is for people.


Some people, with very well behaved dogs, may also wish to ride the bus or train with them. Small dogs can already. Why not the well behaved dog, that happens to be too big for a carrying cage.

They do it in Toronto, and Calgary and lots of other cities, successfully. Even without all the rules I suggest


You can see videos and stories below   (the woman in video is not me. This is the lady that presented 3 years ago






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