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Cornish Rex Cat Christmas


These cute Cornish Rex cats are all dressed up for Christmas


These adorable little girls are, to me, the whippet of the cat world.


The Cornish is fast and playful in nature. These two both have their own personalities.


And here they are wishing all a Meeowy Christmas


According to pet finder, where you might find one of this bred of cat ( but not these two definitely not- they have a happy happy home)  -the Cornish Rex is for people who like their life to be run by “active inquisitive gazelle like felines that love a good joke, as long as it is not on them.”



these adorable little cats have short curly wavy coats.



you can also read more about this interesting cat breed on


It is said that they originated in 1950, yes; in Cornwall England you guessed it. it is also said that they came about basically as a result of a kitten, part of a domestic cat litter, looking different than its litter mates, in that it had this type of curly hair. And the hands of humans came in and it is said that this little kitten was bred back with its mother to perpetuate the look.  Was this the start of the breed?


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