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It is take your dog to work day this Friday June 26 2015

I just read about it in Modern Dog, and also on Pet Sitters International

modern dog


Pet sitter international


It was started by Pet sitters international  17 years ago and now runs in many countries, well mostly USA and UK it seems, and Australia and New Zealand.  They also celebrate pets all week by Take your pet to work.

The objective of the day as I understand it is to help recognize the huge importance of dogs in our lives as both companions and protectors. 

I have often taken my dog to work with me. He was welcome in many of my workplaces, an office of a not for profit group was the last and most recent one, and he would sit on his big chair in my office. Many would comment on how calm he was and how much calmer they felt when he was there. Not that my office was not calming enough with me in it of course!! yet my job and the organization was a very stressful . My dog and I played a large part in keeping the calm in trouble times.

Thanks Smyth.


Dogs bring so much to us. Many of us have such well behaved furry friends, even sometimes more so than people. Some have said to me that they would rather have my dog in the office than many people. Ok what does that say about the people they know!

Well, they mean he is so wonderful and he adds to the calm of course.


It has been said by many that dogs add to our lives and even add to our years, because they provide the companionship needed, and the calm.  They get us out walking, and talking to and meeting people we otherwise would not. They are or loyal and faithful friends.


So, how will I take my dog to work this Friday?


Well, if I had to commute to work, I would have to drive and that is still a shame, as it would be so easy to get on a commuter train or bus.

I have been an advocate for dogs on transit here in Metro Vancouver and I do hope that the policy will change someday soon to allow not only the small dog that can sit in carry container, and the service dog, but any dog, under full control of its owner. I have also suggested the dogs be screened and pass a basic obedience test, be muzzled and wear a jacket to keep back dander, as that way they do not take from the comfort and safety of others. While I do still think this is a good idea, I also think that the dog owner that would want to take their dogs on transit would be a responsible dog owner who has taken measures to ensure their dogs will be well behaved.

On Friday I will work at home, with my dog and cat portrait art, and my web site, and my dog will be sitting in his basket by my feet .

I hope you can take your dog to work too.

join us at  membership at BWWM and tell us your Bring your dog to work story.

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