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Her name is Rosa. She was rescued from drowning by two German ladies who were visiting Guatemala. As they were also volunteering at a shelter they took her there.Pina, at the shelter already, was being bullied by some others. They were both rescued and a flight was arranged to Vancouver. They arrived at the airport on August 1.They managed the trip quite well and were really happy to see us.They have been here now 5 days and are having lots of fun in there temporary Canadian home.They are around 4 or 5 months old. Pina is blonde, Rosa has black fur.Rosa is the more reserved one of the two, if one can say that about a puppy rescued from the street in Guatemala.They like to play together as puppies do. Sometimes it is a bit rough, but just like puppies do.Pina is not shy at all. She seems to like to guard the house. She alerts me if there is a sound from outside. I would feel safe from intruders with her around.It would be lovely to see them find a home together as they know each other and love to play; however it will be equally wonderful for them to find their own homes, as puppies I think can adjust to new surroundings very well. All they really need is love and a home.A perfect home would be one with a person or people that love them. It would be wonderful if another young dog was in the home, a playmate, if they are not placed together.If they are the only dog in the home I think they would also do very well, as they both seem so very individual.They will take on their own personalities in their new home. They both need lots of walks or play, and an equal amount of sleep.Each of these dogs or both of them would be very well suited in a home with a safe secure garden, somewhere to play, and someone to walk them.They as puppies of course are high energy. They will be well worth the time, and the love you can give them as your forever friends in their new “forever” home.Contact me for more information immediately if you are interested in being considered for the forever home for one or both of these dogs. Contact me at

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