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Dogs of 6th and Devoy fence raised $1500. for guide dogs.

Dogs of 6th and Devoy and Oct 29 2016 party


It was not supposed to rain this day. Yet it did. It just poured down.

Still, we had a good turnout at the fence to celebrate its completion, and take some photos.

Thank you to everyone who came or thought about coming, and to all whose dogs and cats that are on the fence, and to everyone who has looked at it. Keep looking, keep smiling.

The dog and the cat are so important to our lives. I have started an organization called Citizen Canine Companion, with its main purpose being to promote that importance, in particular to our health and well being. It is currently an unregistered society. All money for the fence is first placed there, then disbursed. It will become a registered society later this year. The web site will also be growing, currently is it very basic, and you can look at it at  Citizencaninecompanion


The Dogs of 6th and Devoy fence was a labour of love and for the love of the dog, and I turned it into a fund raising project, the first project for Citizen Canine Companion. 80% of the money raised, net of a small amount of $250. for direct expenses for the paint, was donated to B C & Alberta Guide Dogs. (Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs.)

Your contributions have now allowed us to contribute $1,500., and to sponsor 3 pups.

The B C and Alberta Guide Dogs (Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs) are an organization worth supporting. Please think about the work the service dogs do, and the time and effort and money it takes to raise them.

Our fence has now been able to sponsor:


“Hi, I am Louie. I am the puppy you sponsored. “

”It took me only a short while to settle into my Puppy trainer’s home.”

“I have become quite a big boy and now weigh 60 pounds. I am lovingly known as Big Lou.”

” I have been enjoying learning the ropes of what it takes to be a working dog.”

” I am also learning to ring a bell. The bell is a really important part of my training because a blind or visually impaired person would not see me sitting and waiting at the door when I need to go out.”

“I really hope you have enjoyed reading” (pup bits from) “my first update.”

Quotes from Louie’s update letter.

(September 2016)

He was our first. We sponsored him for a $250.amount




He was our second at $250.

“Rickey was born May 6, 2016.”

 He has 8 siblings.

” He has been placed with his Puppy Trainers in Calgary, Alberta. “

“Rickey’s training will familiarize him with crowds, elevators, escalators, construction, and public transit with his BC & Alberta Guide Dogs Puppy in Training jacket giving him access to anywhere humans can go.”

 (Shelley Semler, Puppy Sponsorship manager).

Rickey is a Black Labrador





Malcolm was born July 15 2016. He also had 8 litter mates. He has been placed with his Puppy Trainers in Vancouver.

“Malcolm is a very intuitive and calm pup and stands out as a quiet leader among his siblings”

“He is very intrigued by lights sounds and motions” (Shelley Semler)

Malcolm is a Yellow Labrador.

To read more about Puppy Sponsorship please visit the B C & Alberta Guide Dogs web site.

Or call them at 604-940-4506



We had 14 people and 10 dogs at the gathering.




Louie was there at the gathering as well as Siku one of the two Guide dogs that inspired the idea for this fence. They were joined by another dog, a local dog we had not met. Her name is Mocha and she is a PADS dog in training.

Well, it was great to see my whippet Smyth, a shy boy really, playing in the garden with the other dogs that came. And when he had Louie and Siku and Mocha running circles it was hilarious. He was the Border collie and they were his sheep. It was so nice to see the working dog, just being dogs and having fun, while off duty. Their Puppy Trainers watched on happily too.

Thank you all for being part of this project.



The next step will be a keepsake book of this special fence.

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