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Dogs of 6th and Devoy, and friends- A fundraising fence mural

 First donation of $250 from 5 faces was made June 12 2016 to BC & Alberta Guide dogs and dogs for Autism.

The fence is of dogs of the 6th and Devoy and surrounding area,

and two wonderful guide dog puppies.

I am the artist, Margaret Halsey.

This is a project for the appreciation and love of the dogs, and to raise money for dog related charities.

We have just made our first donation of $250. to B C and Alberta Guide dogs and dogs for Autism. This will go toward the training of one of the puppies. When we get news of the puppy we are sponsoring I will post it on this site.


There are 14 dogs (and 3 cats) and one cat under construction on the fence now and still room for 25 more.

With 5 more faces at $50 donation we can make another puppy sponsorship.

There are 14 dogs (and 3 cats, and one under construction) on the fence now and room for 25 more.



To have your dogs face included, please send a photo as soon as possible.

This will be seen in the New Westminster Cultural crawl in August.

The easiest way to find it is to come to my home studio, number 4 on the list, then walk up Devoy turn left in the lane before 8th Ave, walk one block to 6th st ( yes st, it curves and meets 8th Ave). if you are coming from west, turn left from 8th Ave on McKay, turn left in the lane, walk a block past a house under construction and you will find the fence. It faces north and is on the south (ish) side of the lane.

For more information or to send your picture and or donation contact the artist at email or at 604 527 9976

Read this announcement also under announcement in the information section.

The fence is located in the lane south of 8th Ave, and runs west from 6th Ave.-Closest streets are McKay on the west and Devoy on the east.

 Donation of $50 or more –for BC and Alberta Guide Dogs - Other dog NP groups


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