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Dogs of 6th and Devoy and Friends, a book about the fur faces on a fence to raise money for BC and Alberta Guide dogs.

Dogs of 6th and Devoy and Friends, the book

The fence was such a success I decided to publish a book about it.

The book is a memory book, for the fence Dogs of 6th and Devoy, and Friends, and a book for the love of a dog, and cat.

Every story about each dog and cat shares something special about them, and how they are such an important part of our lives. Most of the stories have been written by the dog or cat’s person.

 When I started painting the fence, I was doing it for the love of the dog, a tribute to our wonderful friends.  I did not realize it would become so popular. I had more dogs than I had room for. People kept telling me how much they appreciated it and how I brought joy and smiles to the neighbourhood, as well as making a contribution to a very worthy cause.

I appreciate the positive results, and this book will allow more people to see the Dogs of 6th and Devoy, and Friends, and will bring more awareness to those who are not familiar with the BC and Alberta Guide Dogs, and the puppy raisers, as well as to the importance of dogs and cats in our lives.

50% of the net proceeds from the book will be donated to BC and Alberta Guide Dogs (Guide Dogs and Dogs for Autism). 

In the book you can also read about Citizen Canine Companion, for the love of the dog.

I have also provided a sneak preview of the next fence, and a few pages on my art off the fence

Here are a few pictures from the book.