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This is Smyth . He would like to meet Eclipse


If you are a dog fan I am sure you have seen the news about Eclipse, a black lab cross that has ridden the bus -all by herself.

The bus was not packed, there was room for her, and she was known to the passengers and the driver, and very welcome.

While of course a dog riding a bus alone is generally not a good idea, it just shows the difference in our cities, and how a neigbour city has had a “dogs on transit” policy that appears to work.

Even with this anomaly, people are not disturbed.

As the story says, it did not happen by accident. This dog, who is seen riding alone on the bus, was riding with his owner on prior trips, and after knowing the route, it appears he got on ahead of him and knew where to get off, as he had done it before. She was familiar with the route, she no doubt has Dog Park on her mind, and it seems she did not want to wait, and got on the bus ahead of him.

This is a breed of dog that is easier to train, and the man probably was a responsible dog owner, yet, he did not have his dog on leash, as most would think is appropriate, or this would not have happened.

However, not the point, that is another topic.  (This dog was not in any danger, nor any of the people, and this is one smart dog.)

The point is that it shows the tolerance and acceptance of dogs on transit in our neighbour city.

Dogs of all sizes are allowed on transit in Seattle, and Portland, Toronto, Calgary and many more.


Many may wonder why someone would want to ride a bus with a dog. Of course most people I talk to are in favour of dogs on transit (with the rules)  I have also read comments  from the “no’s” that say, a dog would not want to ride a bus, and why don’t people just walk their dogs instead of ride the bus, or train,  how lazy.  

How silly.

Dog owners, just like all transit users, want to use transit to get to the places they go, that transit can take them.

This story shows that this man, who lived in an apartment where a nice dog park was not handy, I assume, rode on the bus to a park, where his dog and him could have a better walk and play.


That is what a lot of the people want. Our own neighbourhoods, may often be limiting, and for the people in Vancouver that do not have cars, getting out of the neighbourhood to a dog park from time to time, ads so much to their lives.

And even those that do have cars, and can take a direct route bus to a park- would ride and pay instead of take the car and have to park and pay. It of course is the environmentally friendly thing to do.

There are many other reasons dog owners need transit to help them get from one place to another with their dog, of course, and if you have been reading my stories you will know. I have presented these reasons to our local transit and they are considering it. They of course have to be concerned about all riders, and some riders have allergies and fears.

Yet with dogs wearing a muzzle and riding at non peak times of day, or even at set times, or designated trains and buses,  those concerns can be reasonably address to please all.


As can be seen, even without rules such a muzzle and coat, a dog is a welcome and happy sight on a bus for many.


And this, is amusing, interesting, and really shows an example of how people can be so civilized and tolerant of a dog on transit.


Yes, of course, I can see the other side of it, a not friendly dog, yet it would have been directed off the bus. The choice was that of the bus driver.


At least it brought a smile to me and to thousands others by now.


Smyth wants to meet Eclipse and ride the bus with him. Smyth would be on a leash though and with his owner.

 Here is the news clip from yesterday in CTV


Here are a summary of the rules I suggested:

All dogs on leash allowed with the following rules

·         Limit the number on train or bus

·         In a section of the train or bus

·         Set times or limited times (i.e. not in peak times)

·         Or could even be separate bus or train- the pet train/bus

All dogs should be

·         Leashed

·         Muzzled

·          wearing a jacket

o   The jacket would indicate it has met with preapproval by Translink and would keep away dander (as dander is what people are allergic to, not the dog itself.


o   Preapproval would require dog and owner to complete a training test or program- 8 points- to show it can behave on the transit- including, sit beside owner, or under seat, be quiet, behave in crowd. (Similar to a canine good neighbour program).  The dog would also have to be city licensed, and clean.

Only preapproved dogs would be allowed- I am not suggesting that all dogs should be allowed s on buses at all times of the day, as that would be chaos.  Only dogs who meet this guideline, and who have earned this behavior standard, and wearing identification indicating so, are wearing a muzzle, leashed and in control of their owner/handler would or should be allowed, in my opinion.


Based on Eclipse- maybe we don’t need all the rules, yet that is a good place to start.


Places dog owners would go with dog on transit


·         Dog walkathons

·         Work

·         Hospital or care home visitations

·         Dog parks

·         Routine veterinary visit ( not emerge of course)

·         To and from the ferry terminals to or from Victoria

·         Groomer appointments

·         Visiting friends in other areas – accessible by transit


·         a revision in the dogs on transit policy would or could also help people that have emotional support dogs that are not official service dogs that want to have them with them..



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Also, I have recently become aware of a group called Vancouver Dog. They are in favour of this proposed change too and are working on many issues of concern to responsible dog owners, such as more dog parks, dogs in rental accommodations. Please check them out at their site at Vancouver dog and join them, also free.

"Vancouver DOG is a local group of responsible dog owners and supporters working together to build a healthy, inclusive, and socially responsible community for the benefit of all Vancouver residents. We will work together to satisfy the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners alike. Our goal is to help Vancouver thrive as a healthy, social, dog-friendly city." a quote from their web site

Responsible dog owners working together.


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