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What will you do when you can’t walk your dog?

This is something I worry about, for me and for many people. No one knows. It has reminded me again of one of the reasons I started this site.

I want to help people find the help they need, when they need it.

What if you had an accident? Or have to go in for surgery at some point down the road. (Hopefully -a long way down the road) yet we never know.

Who would walk your dog?

Yes, there are lots of good dog walking services yet they are not regulated and do have a cost-can you afford to pay $15 to $30 for a half an hour walk, every single day.  And if you have a dog like mine, he needs a 2 hour walk!!.

If you can afford to do that, the services are there and they are usually insured, and your dog should be safe. Yet, you still have to find them, and weed through to find one that is what you want.

I have listed some here on the web site and will continue to list as I become aware of them.

If you have such a service, you can join and list it free.

Go to  bowwowwowmeow membership



If you are like me and want to be sure you have someone who can help you, if and when you need, you may have already made a good connection with a neighbour, or maybe you have a partner or family close that can help, and you have it covered.

Yet what if you don’t!

Why not reach out and meet some more people that might be able to help.

I know how hard it is to knock on someones door and ask for help. I have done it.

By joining Bowwowwowmeow you can connect with people in your neigbourhood and set up those connections that you might need today, or down the road.

There is no cost to do it. The connection is up to you.

When you join up, just say in the questionnaire if you are interested in pet sitting. (this will also include walking). Please be sure to put in your postal code so the system can sort.

As we grow we will have people in your neigbourhood.

There still will be no charge for the service because the connection you make with another member and the arrangement will be up to you.  We are not an agency that will monitor it or take a fee from it. We want to help you find people.

When we have enough members we will also be able to offer you more.

We will also be adding a category for you to post your name, if you want to find a pet sitter or dog walker, or if you want to provide exchange service.check for it under resources.

There are many other reasons to become a member of Bowwowwowmeow now.

Why not sign up today.

It is free to join.

Join at bowwowwowmeow membership

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