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Dogs of 6th and Devoy

A mural of dog faces will be growing in New Westminster.

I am the artist - Margaret Halsey

The mural will be called Dogs of 6th and Devoy.

The fence looks out onto the lane. There are 19 panels on the fence and each panel can house 1 to 3 dogs.

In our immediate neigbourhood including the houses facing the lane we have at least 30 dogs.

 Imagine this is a fence. There could be one or two faces on each panel. They could also be smaller or in profile or full body.

I will post pictures on this web site as it develops.

Here is the first panel under development.

the dogs belong to the owner of the fence, and my dog


To help cover the cost of the materials participants will pay $50. per dog. We can have 1 dog per panel at 19, or 38 at 2 per panel. we could have 3 on some panels.

I hope to be able to do the mural over the next several months in good weather. I will do it as I get the dogs signed up, and in stages. 

Here is the naked fence as of July 15 15

and here is my dog - growing on the fence. I have to do his eyes and a bit more still

Any funds above the cost will be donated to animal charities.  Including:

·         BC and Alberta Guide dogs and dogs for Autism

·         PADS

·         New Westminster Animal shelter

·         Other local rescue groups

·         Greyhound rescue groups

I also want to do this, because I will enjoy doing it, and because I will of course sign it, and it will be on view for everyone for years to come.

Also it is my hope that there will be a calendar of the dogs, and that will also be a fund raising calendar.

Call me at 604 527 9976604 527 9976 to register your dog.

You can send me a picture at  and mail the cheque to 329 Devoy St. or call me and I will drop by and pick it up ( assuming you are local).

If you would like to make a donation to the project even if you do not have a dog you want on the fence, please call me or send your cheque. At the end of the project I will be able to tell you how much we raised and donated. If you have a favourite among the list please let me know.

 and this is a neighbour dog-in progress as at Sept 7 2015

Margaret Halsey


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