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Happy New Year from Bowwowwowmeow and PetArtisan


A brand new year

We wish you all a great one.

Get out with your dog, or you cat.


I had 2 cats here visiting for 10 days, and I had a leash for one of them. The other does not go out. It has been cold, so I have not walked her. She has lots of places to go inside the house and they are both so tiny that they have hidden from me more than once, to be found again. Whew. The Cornish Rex is a very interesting little cat.


The dog however gets his several daily walks rain or shine. A whippet, as do many dogs, requires a lot of exercise.

It is so important to get out with your dog.

The benefits are so obvious- good exercise, and a chance to meet people. I always stop and talk to people who admire my dog.

If you are walking your dog in the city or town, please remember to keep it on a leash. O I know I have heard people say, my dog won’t stray, but really that you never know. Please be responsible.

If you have a short haired dog, right now he/she still might need a coat. Mine wears one on his walks.


Dogs and cats are so important in our lives. They add to our lives in so many ways.

The benefits of having them most certainly outweigh the challenges.

As our web site grows we will be providing more information to focus on the benefits and help you with those challenges- (like where to find a pet sitter when you need one)

We will also continue to share stories and provide opportunities for you to share about the benefits of having dogs and cats in our lives.

We will be bringing you products, and on our PetArtisan site you will see pet related art.

I am the artist and the first one on PetArtisan. You can see my work there at

I am featuring the square portrait. This is a portrait of your dog or cat done on quality canvas mounted on wooden frame. It can be displayed in the home just as it is, or easily framed.

The prices of my portraits depend on your choices and range from $300 to $600 for a small acrylic square  and from $300 to  $5,000.for a framed painting.








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