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Pet valentine

do you give something to your pet for valentines day?

According to my research, many people do.

here is a cute website I found where you can make a card.

it is called Sloppy kiss cards and you can go there if you click on

Sloppy kiss Cards



or you can just write a silly rhyme, from your dog. ( they dont have thumbs remember, so you pretty much have to do it for them.


Will you be my valentine?

o purrese I beg will you be mine

I am your lovely canine or feline.

Buy me a treat that I can eat and a toy I can play with too

And I will buy some flowers and some candy for you


Or would you like to have a painting of me

if you love me you would....

Join our web site and you will see

bowwowwowmeow membership

Portraits by our resident artist

It is my canine opinion that she is the best.

I asked a feline friend of mine

She agreed with a resounding meow

check out her work on this site at

or click here   KRachelArt at petartisan 

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