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Fur faces on fences featured in the Cultural Crawl  August 12 and 13 2017 in New Westminster


Come by and see the dogs and cats that are painted on the fences already. Bring your dog or cat, take a picture and have the artist add him or her to the fence “canvas. Minimum fee/donation is $100. These projects focus on the importance of dogs and cats in our lives, and 80% of the funds is donated to BC and Alberta Guide Dogs and Dogs for Autism Support. Artist Margaret Halsey and her painting, and the participating dog owners have donated total of $2,500. to date. Margaret’s goal is $5,000. so that she can name a guide dog puppy after her dad Bert. Come and help her reach her goal.  

80 of your $100 will be donated to the BC and Alberta Guide dogs and dogs for autism support. These dedicated dogs change the lives of everyone they come in contact with, and serve as wonderful partners for many years, helping many people in need.

you can find the fences at:

1. Dogs of 6th and Devoy and Friends-  ---at the south east corner of the lane that runs parallel to east 8th, on the south side of 8th, and it starts at the intersection of east 6th ave with the lane, and runs east to west with over 40 faces on it.

2.  Cherry Lane Canines and Cats- is in the lane that runs on the north side of East 8th ave, at Cherry, and it runs east to west and south to north. The east west side has over 20 dogs and cats, and the south to north side has two faces and room for at least 20 more.


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