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Puppies growing on the fence

Dogs of 6th and Devoy Mural under construction

In December, I said the next painting will be of two puppies. they are now puppies in training living in this neigbourhood.

They come from BC and Alberta Guide dog and Autism support dogs.

I had to wait for the spring to arrive to start. And here they are.

These are guide dog puppies that live and are being trained in the area.

In this picture they are 10 months old, and so cute.

In the next few days, when it is not raining, you might see me out there completing this painting.

This is part of the Dogs of 6th and Devoy project. 

The fence is of dogs from  6th and Devoy, and the surrounding area.

The fence is being done as neighborhood art, and is being appreciated by everyone who walks by.


Would you like your dog in this mural?

If you live on 6th or Devoy or anywhere in the surrounding area, please send your favourite photo of your dog for entry so your dog can have a place on the fence. The plan is to have one to three dogs on each panel.

The entrance fee is $50 per dog (or a donation of any amount) to help cover cost of materials. Donations of any amount can also be made as the net profits will be donated to local dog charities including BC & Alberta Guide Dogs.

For more information call the artist at 604 527 9976 or email at    and read more about it on at  under announcements



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