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May dog events

Dog Days of May”

Looking for the perfect pet-friendly, long weekend getaway?  Look no further - The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is about to go to the dogs! This spring, bring your furry friend to Jasper for the first ever Dog Days of May weekend event. Let us pamper you and your four-legged companion for three days in the Rocky Mountains. Fresh mountain air, wide open spaces, lots of furry friends and planned events and activities will make for a great getaway for both of you! “

Check this out at the web site, or even better, in person.



WOOFSTOCK May 24-25 2014

“Woofstock® is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in North America.

What Is Woofstock?

It’s grown into a festive tour de force, now drawing tens of thousands of dogs in the know, their faithful humans in tow, from across the country and the U.S. It’s without question, the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America.


Please check the web site for detail at

April is National Adopt a Greyhound month in Unites States

I have known many greyhounds, all rescues from various tracks. A good friend of mine has adopted 5 of them over the years, and they all lived happy lives with him. They all came from the track, some having longer careers than others.

read our article in information section, and to know more please visit one of the many rescue groups web sites and the

“A 40-mile-per-hour couch potato is just waiting to be adopted into a loving and permanent home. What better time than National Adopt-a-Greyhound month to welcome one of these beautiful, graceful, and gentle greyhounds into your family?



Who will help walk my dog, or look after him overnight.

who will help you?

Owning a dog is a big responsibility.

And one needs lots of time and energy.

Who will help when you are late from work, when you have to go out of town on business at the last minute?


Yes, there are lots of dog sitting services, but you have to book ahead.


By joining Bowwowwowmeow you have an opportunity to connect with like people.

When you sign up, you tell us what kind of dog of cat you have and if you are interested in exchange pet setting service, or helping another pet owner with sitting or walking.


I walk my dog 3 hours a day on average. He requires it and it is good for me.

I go on holiday a couple of time a year, and I have a good friend that usually looks after my dog.  

 I have friends that, like a lot of us, make plans at the last minute. So I sometimes need a sitter, if I want to join them, and it is usually at the last minute.


Who will help at the last minute? Your neighbour your friend maybe, yet it would be good to be able to have a network you could belong to where you could find someone to help you.

That is what Bowwowwowmeow can do for you.


Why not join up now, and help us build  

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